Eating well on any budget

"Being vegan or plant-based is too expensive."

We hear that excuse a lot, and it simply isn't true. That's one of the many myths about plant-based eating that is actually promoted by the meat and dairy industry.

Is it true that some processed food products (e.g. The Impossible Burger) are more expensive than the equivalent meat product? Yes for sure.

But when you live a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle, you actually don't eat very much in the way of processed foods. That's the point.

In a study conducted at the Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island they actually looked at the costs of eating a plant-based diet versus the cost of a diet containing meat and dairy.

They looked a two diets: the MyPlate recommended diet as described by, and the PBOO Diet (Plant-Based Olive Oil Diet). And their findings show that the MyPlate diet was, at a minimum, ab

out $750 more per year than the PBOO diet.

An economical version of MP costs $746.46 more per year while providing fewer servings of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Here's the study if you want to go deep on it:

Which makes perfect sense really. Vegetables, legumes (beans, lentils etc), pasta, rice, other grains and many fruits (including bananas) are all very inexpensive. It's only the processed and pre-prepared foods that are expensive. Stay away from packaged plant-based foods and the salad bar at the grocery store and eating plant-based is cheap!

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