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Healthy Indian Cooking with Amy & Jeff 

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Join Jeff and Amy for a backyard plant-based BBQ! Cooking on the grill is not just for meat. Grilling plants enhances flavors and it's fun! Food, fun, and of course — lots of talk about nutrition and health too!​​


Featured Class Topics:


  • The deficiencies of the Standard American Diet

  • Plants v. Meat — The Facts

  • Hands-on with healthy recipes on the grill!

Join us this Thursday at 5pm PT for a free online webinar:
 "Grilling isn't just for Omnivores!"

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Family & Group Lifestyle Coaching


Shifting to a plant-strong lifestyle takes real commitment. It isn't about a new fad diet, but rather about changing your relationship with food. It won't happen overnight, but our Family & Group Lifestyle Coaching can help get you on the right path and keep you there!

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