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Meet Jeff & Amy Hagins


Our journey towards a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle started in 2007 when, as frequent meat-eaters, we decided that maybe we should cut back a little bit on red meat. "Red meat is bad for you", we had heard. We didn't know more than that really, but it got us curious about the link between diet and health. We started reading and educating ourselves on health and nutrition. 

Flash forward 13 years and after a long process of transformation, we are 100% plant-based, including our three daughters. Amy is now a vegan cook, plant-basted culinary educator, a yoga instructor, a certified life-coach, and a health/nutrition coach. Jeff is an entrepreneur, consultant, business advisor, and health/nutrition coach. Both Jeff & Amy are licensed Food For Life (FFL) instructors with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (

Now we are using our knowledge, skills, and experience to help others get healthy and stay that way.

We don't believe that going "cold turkey" and switching to a plant-based lifestyle overnight is right for most people, but we also don't think that making the shift needs to take 13 years like it did for us.

The most important thing is that whether you are 100% plant-based or not, that you create a lifestyle for yourself that is both healthy and sustainable. One that can last for the rest of your very long life!

We're here to help!

Jeff & Amy Hagins